Leadership Coaching


Are You a Leader? 

You Are Aware that the Answer to that Question is YES ... Right?


Do you know you already have a leadership position ... in your family, in your career, in your circle-of-influence or other arenas in life? Maybe you lack courage to step into you God-given gift or want to improve your leadership skills?

Are you needing courage to explore your responsibility as a leader or to improve your leadership skills in godly ways?

The Greatest Commandment in the Bible given by Jesus Himself in Mark 12:28-31 involves:

  • Following: The best leaders are the best followers.  As Christians we follow our Lord God. Loving Him with complete loyalty is our first calling and needs to be our highest priority. We explore this together.
  • Loving Ourselves:  Every life is a story ... His story given to us and and lived out through us. Knowing our calling, gifts and talents is possible and sometimes not easy to discern alone.  Why and how we are valued is of critical importance... and is possible to understand. We explore this together.
  • Loving Others: We are called to love others as we love ourselves and in doing so we can be part of transforming lives for His glory and leaving a legacy!  We explore this together.  

It would be my honor to help you explore YOUR leadership potential as a woman. Whether you are single or married,  a mom or grandma or not, a sister, an aunt or a friend you are a born leader according to Scripture. Yes, this applies to  your personal and professional life as well as your ministry. This fact plays out in a variety of ways. For example one foundational tool we work on together is taking seriously the need for us all to develop our "Spiritual Disciplines and Holy Habits" on a regular basis. 

This coaching is a deep dive into life in your calling as a LEADER.  One journey that makes you "dangerous" to the enemy of God. It is an exciting adventure to be sure!

Helen Keller said "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."

Do you agree? Ready to have new, all-in, adventure? Contact me today and let's talk!



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